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Canadian soldier killed in Afghanistan
Date: Friday, November 25 2005

Canadian soldier killed in Afghanistan

OTTAWA (AFP) - A Canadian soldier was killed and four others were injured after their light armored vehicle rolled over during a "routine patrol" northeast of Kandahar, in Afghanistan, officials said.

Canadian military officials said they were patrolling a region northeast of Kandahar at about 6 pm local time when the accident occurred.

"They were doing a routine patrol on highway one, the main road between Kandahar and Kabul," said a somber Lt. General Marc Dumais.

"It was a road accident," he said. No other vehicle or attack was involved, he said.

"There is an investigation going on (into the cause of the accident)," he added.

Colonel Steve Noonan, in charge of Canadian forces in Afghanistan said by telephone, the group were "at the beginning of their patrol" after dusk.

The soldiers, three seriously injured and one described as a "walking wounded", were taken to Kandahar aboard a US military helicopter for emergency medical care.

None of the four survivors suffered life-threatening injuries, Dumais said.

Brian Woodfield of Victoria in Canada's westernmost province, who began his tour in August, is the eighth Canadian soldier to die in Afghanistan in recent years, including four killed by friendly US aircraft fire in 2002.

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