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The Great Green North
Date: Tuesday, December 09 2003

[comment: if only Gordon Campbell would overturn everything related to the Working Forest (ie corporate forest) plan that has been in the works for the last couple years also!]

Coalition aims to save boreal forest

Natives, environmentalists, industry allied in bid to preserve half of country's area


Canada's legendary boreal forest, the largest intact forest left on the planet, will come a giant step closer to being protected today when an influential coalition of industry, native communities and environmental groups unveils a startling commitment to conserve the whole thing -- amounting to more than half the total area of Canada, The Globe and Mail has learned.

At roughly 600 million hectares, it is the largest conservation agreement yet made in the world, said Monte Hummel, president of World Wildlife Fund Canada, the deal's midwife. It makes up 53 per cent of Canada.

Coalition aims to save boreal forest

Coalition aims to save ...

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