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Mel Hurtig's Ryerson speech videos
Date: Tuesday, December 09 2003

John Riddell of Toronto ( a great Canadian nationalist) came to my Ryerson speech and has produced a video and a VCD with a number of updates.

He's done an excellent job.

He's prepared to sell these at pretty close to his cost, with a $2 royalty for each sold going to

I hasten to add that I am not in any way connected to the financial aspects of this endeavour.

The video and/or VCD can be ordered directly from John at or by mail at 15 Walmer Rd., Apt 102, Toronto M5R 2X1. John's phone # in Toronto is (416) 961-5990.

John says it's cheap and easy to make and mail the VCD, so he's only charging $10 (including post) for same. But, the VHS cassettes are much more costly and the mail costs much higher, so he's charging $17.50 for these.

Either way, they are great for coffee clubs, teachers, nationalists of all sizes and descriptions, and those thinking ahead to the 2004 federal election.

My suggestion is that several people can get together to put up the $ for a disc or tape, share it, then pass it along to others for further circulation. It should prove to be a valuable tool for our cause.

Mel Hurtig

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