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NAFTA Panel rejects American delay tactics in softwood lumber dispute
Date: Thursday, November 17 2005

NAFTA Panel rejects American delay tactics in softwood lumber dispute

VANCOUVER, Nov. 16 /PRNewswire/ - The NAFTA Panel on countervailing duty (CVD) today categorically rejected the U.S. Department of Commerce's (DOC) attempt to delay compliance with the Panel's October 5, 2005 decision.

"Today's order from the Panel leaves the DOC with no choice but to issue a new determination finding a de minimis (below one percent) CVD rate, which will require the DOC to revoke the CVD order," said John Allan, president of the BC Lumber Trade Council.

"The NAFTA Panel obviously recognized that the DOC's motion for
clarification, filed on the day the Panel had set for compliance with its October 5 decision, was just last-minute stalling tactics by the DOC" said Allan.

"Successive NAFTA panels in recent months have ruled in Canada's favour, yet the U.S. has continually refused to comply with the decisions. The U.S. agreed under the NAFTA that the decisions of binational panels would be binding and final. The U.S. Administration must now prove to Canada that it is committed to the NAFTA by ensuring that the DOC issues a revised CVD rate that is below one percent and in compliance with the Panel's instructions," added

The NAFTA Panel, comprised of three Americans and two Canadians, made a unanimous decision and has ordered the U.S. to comply with its order by November 23, 2005.

The BC Lumber Trade Council is the voice for companies in British Columbia representing the vast majority of BC lumber production. Its member companies account for about half of Canadian lumber production and half of Canadian lumber exports to the United States.

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