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Do Canadians want missile defence?
Date: Tuesday, February 17 2004

How do Canadians feel about the American National Missile Defence plans?

In his forthcoming book, Rushing to Armageddon: Paul Martin and George W. Bush's Star Wars, (McClelland and Stewart), Mel Hurtig writes:

Just as the Chretien and Martin governments have been intentionally dishonest
with Canadians about Washington's National Missile Defence plans, some of our
Canadian media have been no better, or even much worse.

On February 11th, The National Post headlined a story by their Ottawa bureau chief
Robert Fife, "Canadians want missile defence:poll." Immediately below the headline
was a sub-head that read "7 out of 10 in favour."

Later in the story, we read that "64% of Canadians favour missile defence."

The survey was conducted by POLLARA which is chaired by long-time Liberal pollster
Michael Marzolini.

Canadians reading this story will have no doubt that a strong majority of their fellow
citizens believe that Canada should participate in the American program.

One small problem. No such question was asked in the survey, and no such answers
were received. The words "National Missile Defence" appeared nowhere in the questions
asked. Nor was there any other references of any kind to missile defence.

Yet the headline on the story was "Canadians want missile defence: poll."

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