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Date: Monday, February 20 2006

Canada Steers a New Course with Cabinet Picks
By Paul Jackson - published in The American Thinker
February 7th, 2006

Canadian Conservative Leader Stephen Harper was sworn in as the nation’s 22nd prime minister on Monday and immediately unveiled a cabinet line-up that is both 25% smaller than ousted Liberal prime minister Paul Martin’s cabinet and gave a tilt in foreign affairs, defense and national security sure to make Washington happier with Ottawa than it has been in years.

Foreign Affairs

Canada’s new foreign affairs minister is Peter MacKay, a Member of Parliament (MP) from Nova Scotia, and the son of a top-ranking cabinet minister, Elmer MacKay, in Prime Minister Brian Mulroney’s pro-American government of 1984-93. It was Mulroney and his cabinet who trailblazed the free trade agreement with President Ronald Reagan’s government, and which now allows more than 80% of Canada’s world exports to enter the United States.

The younger MacKay — age 41 — is a rugby-playing, former prosecutor, with four terms in the Canadian House of Commons behind him.

It’s indicative Canada’s Liberal-appointed ambassador to Washington, Frank McKenna, resigned within 48-hours of the Conservatives winning the Jan. 23 federal election, tacitly admitting the two countries’ relations will take on a different tone under Harper.

American ambassadors to Canada have been begging — and hectoring — the nation to rebuild its defense forces and give national security a far higher priority in this age of world terrorism than it has.

Well, Harper has now signalled that will be the case.


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