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Simple Proportional Representation
Date: Saturday, June 26 2004

This is so simple, and I posted this on Fair Vote Canada to let them comment on it. The idea is that if you get 35% of the vote, you get 35% of the seats. How these seats are determined is the problem.

This is my simple theory:

I have had an idea that makes things a lot easier for the average Canadian to understand what PR is and how it works.

Perhaps it is too simple, but let's take a look.

The Globe had a poll that asked if you would support PR, and the results were something like 51% for PR and 49% for FPTP.

That is not good enough !

I have the following suggestion: (This is good) If the Liberals get 50% of the vote, the party leader (Martin in this case) would appoint 154 Liberals to the HoC; The Cons perhaps would have 30% of the vote, then the leader (harper in this case) would appoint 92 CONS to the HoC; the NDP would get 15% of the vote and the leader (Jack Layton in this case) would appoint 46 NDP members to the HoC, and so on down the line.

This is so simple that if you knocked on any door in Canada, they would understand the system.

As it now stands, people that are not involved don't know how PR really works, and the more complicated we make it, the less support we'll get.

Just a thought.

I haven't thought it through yet, so go ahead, shoot it full of holes.

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