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Go Softwood Agreement, Go!
Date: Friday, March 30 2007

MONTREAL (CP) - Quebec's battered forestry industry suffered another heavy blow Friday when Kruger Inc. announced plans to indefinitely idle four sawmills and one planer as it sheds 1,027 jobs in three regions of the province.

The hardest-hit area is the North Shore, where 624 workers will lose their jobs with the closure June 29 of sawmills in Ragueneau and Forestville, along with a drying and planing plant in Longue-Rive.

Sawmills in Parent in the central Quebec region of Haute-Mauricie, and Launay in the northwestern region of Abitibi will close April 5, affecting 233 and 170 jobs respectively.

Low demand, a dramatic drop in selling prices and the high Canadian dollar have forced the decision, Kruger vice-president Jean Majeau said in an interview.

"It's one of the worst market conditions we have seen in a very long time."

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