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Canadians prefer left-leaning minority: poll
Date: Sunday, June 27 2004

[I find it interesting how Mr. Harper has sometimes made the NDP sound like a evil party that would destroy Canada. Yet according to a poll 64% of decided Conservative voters would accept a Conservative - NDP minority government. NOTE: I'm not at all for a Conservative - NDP minority government, just making a point regarding Mr. Harper having a different belief then his own party members.] News Staff

With polls suggesting the election race will be a tight one, the possibility of a minority government is as likely as ever. But some minority government combinations are more acceptable to voters than others.

In an Ispos-Reid polled conducted for CTV News and the Globe and Mail released Saturday, pollsters asked voters which minority combinations they'd most like to see.

Voters were asked: If Canada has a minority government after the next election, would the following be acceptable or unacceptable for you: A Liberal-led minority government supported by the NDP?

More than half of those polled (56 per cent) said they'd prefer this left-leaning combination.

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