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so, who are you gonna vote for?
Date: Sunday, January 22 2006

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I've NEVER been undecided the day before a Canadian federal election.... ever!

Yet here I sit, it a quandry.

I'm in the unpriviledged position of living in a riding which has traditionally been a very tight race between Tories and Liberals... the Liberals won last time by a margin of less than 4000 votes. I'm scared that if I vote my conscience this time, then me and all the other pissed-off voters will allow for an up-the-middle Conservative win.

And yet, despite my misgivings about their current incarnation, I feel compelled to vote Green...


What to do?

I am hoping to stimulate some late-night, last-minute discussion by posting this thread from another board which is frequented by some articulate and well-intentioned Canadians...

I can only hope that the Vive staff are manning their computers and will publish this post in time for feedback.

Happy voting Canada - I feel confident that if everyone VOTED, we'd get the government we deserve.

Check out this thread please - lots of links are to be found there (ignore the given troll population please)

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