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New Battle Tools--Leaks, Local Terror, and Public Relations
Date: Sunday, July 09 2006

July 08, 2006

New Battle Tools--Leaks, Local Terror, and Public Relations
Lee Ellis

Another leak, perhaps from a government source, was divulged Friday, July 7, putting many of us at risk. This time the leak went to the New York Daily News, owned by Mort Zuckerman, a Canada-born self-made American billionaire magazine editor, publisher, and real estate magnate, also current Editor-in-Chief of U.S. News & World

The leak revealed that our FBI was secretly monitoring plans that were underway for a suicide bomber to blow up a New York subway train while it was going through the Path tunnels that go under the Hudson River between New York and New Jersey. Fortunately, the FBI still knows eight of the culprits and has arrested the mastermind in Pakistan. Six nations have been cooperating on this investigation which was being kept secret as it progressed. The leak slowed down our investigation and may have caused the local terrorists agents to flee! The terrorist cell which is loyal to al Qaeda was hoping that Manhattan would be flooded, thus wreaking economic disaster upon us.

Today’s wars are no longer fought with marching armies. Instead, they are fought by frightening Americans here in the US, or our allies in Britain and elsewhere, with terrorist acts against civilians---including women and children. This is a very inexpensive form of warfare because a suicide bomber can kill hundreds of people for a total expense of under $300, as reported by Col. Oliver North today.

In addition to terrorism, today’s wars are also fought with public relations tools, advertising and media reporting. To win a war today, the Socialists and terrorists have learned that they must infiltrate the media in order to spread propaganda, infiltrate the schools to reeducate our youth to the liberal ideology, infiltrate the churches to preach tolerance and to never judge others, and to infiltrate local organizations to fight our patriots in America not with guns but with lawsuits to drive out their religion and to pursue “Politically Correct” thinking. Such thinking rules out any supposed discrimination against those who hate America ---the haters who want to change our laws and our culture to meet their needs for their new world!

I found a good example of this in today’s newspaper. Picking up my Weekend magazine from my local newspaper to check on entertainment, I was shocked to read an AP story there written by David Germain about a new movie. I quote:

“‘The Road to Guantanamo' is a movie to make Americans feel ashamed to be Americans, or, at least, to be ashamed of things done in their names. Yes, it's one that Americans should see, a story that puts sympathetic faces on the bystanders caught up in the unyielding war on terror that has made the United States look like an angry, heedless bully to much of the world."


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