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U.S. Relations Are Potent Election Issue
Date: Saturday, January 21 2006

U.S. Relations Are Potent Election Issue
Oxford Analytica, 01.20.06, 6:00 AM ET

Canada's New Democratic Party leader Jack Layton pledged on Jan. 17 that the NDP would seek to block further "foreign military adventures" led by the United States. U.S.-Canadian relations have deteriorated over the last five years, largely because there was little common ground between President George W. Bush and Ottawa. However, the governing Liberal party's clumsy handling of the relationship is also partly to blame.

On Jan. 23, Canadians will elect a new federal government. The Liberals of Prime Minister Paul Martin were at first deemed likely to form another minority government, but opinion polls now suggest that a minority Conservative government led by Stephen Harper is almost certain. A Tory majority in the federal parliament is improbable, but not inconceivable.

U.S.-Canadian relations have played a prominent role in the campaign, following five years of tense exchanges between the two governments. Among the major issues defining the Canadian political landscape in 2006, the management of the relationship with the United States is likely to be the most directly affected by the election's outcome.

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