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Tories not a sure bet in Ontario
Date: Sunday, June 06 2004

[Finally a breath of fresh air.--Kevin]

Like teenagers chafing at parental constraints, voters in Ontario are looking for a way to rebel against the Paul Martin Liberals ? or against any Liberals.

Out in the countryside, they?re mad about the gun registry. In the cities, they?re fuming about wasted sponsorship dollars and poor accounting practices, and everywhere they?re irate about the new provincial health surcharge.

The surcharge is based on income and ranges from $300 per family to $900. It was brought in by Premier Dalton McGuinty to deal with the provincial deficit, and is a tax by any other name.

Trouble is, McGuinty came to power last fall with a promise that there would be no new taxes. Voters read his lips and remember his words, and now are reportedly apoplectic at his government?s hypocrisy.

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