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Standardizing Quebec The Election from Afar
Date: Wednesday, March 28 2007

Brent Jessop - Knowledge Driven - March 28, 2007

A three-party race? The separatist party falling fast with an incompetent leader? An emerging conservative party? What is happening in Quebec? I am not an expert on all the subtleties of the political scene in Quebec. But, sometimes knowing less detail about something as deceptive as politics can add some clarity.

Taking a step back. Canada is currently being merged with the US and Mexico under the Security and Prosperity Partnership or more properly the North American Union (think European Union or Soviet Union). How does Quebec sovereignty fit into this amalgamation of the Americas?

Remember back in November? When all major federal political parties supported the concept of Quebec as a nation within a nation? Does that sound better as a nation within a super-state? This concept of Quebec as a nation within a nation was solidified well before November, in May 2006, when Stephen Harper and Jean Charest signed a role for Quebec separate from Canada - in UNESCO (United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization).

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Brent Jessop - Knowledg... emerging Security and Prosperity... back in November before November here.

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