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Majority Opposed To Afghan Mission
Date: Sunday, February 26 2006
Topic: Military, Security, and Defence

While I loathe polls where has the discussion been on this issue? We have been silenced on our participation in it and likely that is because the government knew the majority would not and do not approve. 4Canada


From Friday's Globe and Mail

A robust majority of Canadians say they would opt against sending troops to Afghanistan and would like to see parliamentarians have the opportunity to vote on the issue.

The results are included in a Globe and Mail/CTV poll that suggests the new Conservative government may have to be careful when and if it decides to extend the 18-month commitment for the Provincial Reconstruction Team in Kandahar. That obligation is in its sixth month and ends a year from now. Moreover, a Canadian general takes command of the NATO forces in southern Afghanistan on March 1.

"I'm very, very surprised at the degree of opposition to something that is not well known by the population," said Allan Gregg, chairman of the Strategic Counsel, which conducted the poll.

"I think you've got a knee-jerk against doing anything with the Americans, especially on the military front, but also part of this distinctiveness and difference with the United States is our unwarlike nature."

The poll found that 62 per cent of Canadians are against sending troops to Afghanistan, while only 27 per cent are in favour. Furthermore, 73 per cent of those surveyed said parliamentarians should have the chance to vote on deployment.


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