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Today's SPP Meeting Minutes
Date: Saturday, February 24 2007

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and Canadian Foreign Minister Peter MacKay and Mexican Secretary of Foreign Relations Patricia Espinosa

Secretary Condoleezza Rice
Ottawa, Ontario Canada
February 23, 2007

MODERATOR: Good afternoon. My name is Ian Burchett. I'm the Director of Media Relations here at the Department of Foreign Affairs of International Trade. I'd like to welcome you to this press conference on the Security and Prosperity Partnership ministerial meeting.

(Via interpreter) And I'd like to invite Peter MacKay, Minister for Foreign Affairs and the Minister for Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency, to make a brief statement.

FOREIGN MINISTER MACKAY: (Via interpreter) Thank you very much. Welcome everyone.

I'm very pleased to be here with my dear colleagues, Secretary Espinosa and Secretary Rice, and our other colleagues here in Ottawa today on this balmy Ottawa afternoon.

I think it's fitting that, for the first time, the three of us would meet under the same roof. It's in the context of the SPP, the Security and Prosperity Partnership. It's all about cooperation amongst our neighbors and that's what we have sought to do today is to further that cooperation.

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