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Conservative Republicans "Love Letter" to Stephen Harper
Date: Tuesday, June 29 2004

Apparently, these guys haven't heard that Stephen Harper is a warm cuddly kind of guy, nothing to worry about, a centrist at heart, devoted to family, community, and country, etc.

We're on the cusp of regime change for our neighbors in the north. If polling trends continue, Canada will throw out the governing liberals and replace them with a party headed by a genuine western conservative.

His name: Stephen Harper; his team: the Canadian Alliance.

Get used to them now, because if you think The New York Times and the liberal U.S. media have been enraged by President George W. Bush's conservative policies, the howls and snarls of the Canadian and European media will likely reach a fever pitch in a few short weeks.

When Paul Martin replaced Jean Chretien as Canada's prime minister earlier this year, few analysts would have predicted that the conservatives would be favored to takeover this summer. Fewer still would have guessed that the winning platform would consist of a pure unalloyed Reaganesque vision that essentially repudiates Canadian style social democracy

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