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Vote NDP - Then We Can Win!
Date: Thursday, June 17 2004

We are Members at Large at Scarborough Southwest - ...we am really getting annoyed with the media's continued marginalization of the NDP and have written the following that I'd like to get to NDP sympathizers and members as well. I think people really need to hear this and fast....We are forwarding this out to everyone we know and encouraging them to do the same.

Please feel free to forward the essay below

The media continues to marginalize the NDP; they try as much as possible to keep the NDPs message from the public.

The media is trying to sell the perception that the NDP cannot win and that the only viable choices in Canadian Federal politics are the Liberals and the brand new Stephen Harper Conservative Party - a hybrid of the old Reform / Alliance and Canada's original PC's (they say right in their name that they have lost the 'Progressive' and are just conservative now!)

Its an exercise in mass hypnotism.

The only party that really looks out for Canadian citizens - not just Canadian millionaires...the party that ushered in Canada's health care that the other two parties have been so busy dismantling in recent years....the party that looks out for the interest of the worker not JUST the CEO...this party - the NDP - is the one the media would like to portray as some kind of fringe group with no chance of winning.

Its not true folks.

Snap out of it. Don't let the media tell us that the NDP is not a serious and viable option.

I have heard from so many people recently - both in conversation and in the media, that they like Jack Layton and / or what the NDP stands for, but they don't want to 'waste their vote' or they are so afraid of Stephen Harpers' conservatives getting in that they are willing to vote for Paul Martins Liberals - basically ' Conservative Lite', just to ensure the Conservatives don't get in.

If everyone who wanted to vote NDP - everyone who agreed with our platforms and vision for Canada - actually did vote NDP we COULD actually be elected government of this country.

And if all of those people got ONE, just ONE other person, either who has never voted NDP or who has never voted due to their disgust with the system; to cast their vote to have a real voice; we could actually be elected with a majority.

Its not that hard folks. Show the media, Team Martin, and the Harper -ites that Canadians are able to think for themselves, beyond what the media spoonfeeds them.

We're 10 points behind the Liberals and the Conservatives. Thats really not an unbeatable margin considering that 25% of voters are still undecided; and there are a lot of youth who have never voted. If they hear our message they are sure to park their votes our way. Also, look how quickly Harper came out of nowhere to now have a chance at beating Martin when no one thought that was a possibility before.

So, to everyone reading this who would like to vote NDP - DO!!! Especially those of you who have wanted to before. You can really make a difference this time.

If you're thinking of voting for Harper cause you're mad at the liberals or voting for the Liberals cause you fear Harper - there's only one clear way to send a strong message to Ottawa on June NDP

And all of you - get just one other person to vote NDP on election day - and we'll be celebrating on June 28.

Its up to you, its up to all of us. It can't be done any other way.
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Tracy Lamourie and Dave Parkinson
Members At Large - NDP
Scarborough South West

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