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3 in 10 Cdns report medical errors
Date: Friday, November 04 2005

November 3, 2005

3 in 10 Cdns report medical errors


WASHINGTON (CP) - Canadians reported the second highest level of medical mistakes, just behind the United States, in an international survey of six countries released Thursday.

The Commonwealth Fund study noted that 34 per cent of Americans had errors with their care, got the wrong medication or dose, received incorrect test results or weren't notified promptly about abnormal results.

Canada came in at 30 per cent while the lowest was the United Kingdom at 22 per cent. The study also included Australia at 27 per cent, New Zealand 25 per cent and Germany at 23 per cent.

More than half of people from all countries said the mistakes took place outside hospitals.

The study said only 23 per cent of Canadians, the lowest of the six countries, reported being able to see their doctor quickly. Thirty-six per cent of Canadians, the highest number, waited six days or more.

The four other countries with more physician access had significantly lower rates of emergency room use.

The Commonwealth Fund is a private, endowed foundation formed in 1918 which supports independent research on health care issues.

Canadians also reported difficulty getting after-hours care, at 54 per cent.

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