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Let Freedom Ring
Date: Saturday, March 17 2007

David Irving's Speech In
Hungary - Let Freedom Ring

David Irving delivered this speech in Budapest, today in the afternoon under sunny skies, at the front of approximately 10,000 people at Heroes Square.

BUDAPEST -- "I bring you greetings from all the friends of Hungary in my country, England....the Hungarians who live in England -- and there are many who fled from the first communist regime in 1956 -- and from all your friends and admirers, and there are many of these too.

There is one ugly truth -- and it is a bitter truth -- which links our two great countries: We now both have Prime Ministers who lie.

One of them, my own Prime Minister, Tony Blair, has so far still to confess it.

These are bad times for freedom. Perhaps one day Englishmen like me will be seeking freedom in Hungary!

Because the lights of freedom -- the right to think what we like, to say what we think, and to print and publish what we say -- are slowly dimming as the ugly light of enforced socialism is dawning again.

I know what I am saying.

Governments do not like historians, and they like those of us who write real history even less.

They prefer the kind of writer they can buy with money, or bribe with knighthoods and peerages (Sir and Lord).

You know that something is foul with your own government when you see it bringing in two-hundred foreign police troops to help it stay in power.

You know then that your government is, in real history, in the hands of a foreign power.

For all the 400 days that Austria held me in solitary confinement in prison in Vienna, since you last saw me here -- punished for an opinion on history that I had expressed sixteen years before -- the British government made no protest.

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