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Canadian, Foreign Companies Face Risk of US Court Corruption and Bribery
Date: Sunday, January 28 2007

International business executives and companies face ever-heightening risks and dangers, as they deal with the world's largest group of bribed judges and crooked lawyers. International companies and individuals are at risk in this large nation where the "rules" involve paying bribes via certain pathways, but where it is easier to go to prison than anywhere else in the world.

You might ask: What is this large corrupt nation? Where is this cesspool of corrupt lawyers and judges, who make such a mockery of the rule of law? In what nation must we be so wary when doing business? . . .

It is a well-known fact to its internal powers, though not to the rest of the world, that the United States of America has the worst bribery culture of any developed nation, a bribery culture that centres very specifically in US judges and lawyers. . .

There is great danger in the US, for companies that are associated with ownership in Venezuela, China, or any one of a hundred other countries that are potentially critical of the US and its policies. Even if the near neighbours of the US, Canada or Mexico, started rocking the US boat too severely, their companies would quickly find themselves punished via politically-motivated legal proceedings.

The US is very unlike other corrupt countries, where most bribes are paid directly to executive and administrative officials. Such things do take place in the US, but are comparatively rare. The crucial forms of bribery in the US are the bribes paid to judges and to leading lawyers, along with the campaign contributions and related gifts to politicians, which latter are often channelled via so-called non-profit organisations.

The importance for foreign businesses, and indeed any business in the US, is that if you do not pay the bribe money and political campaign money, you may get truly and utterly destroyed . . .

It is the bribes paid to the US judges and lawyers that are the most central, most subtle and most hidden form of bribery in the US. Such bribes are huge, pervasive, and essentially untraceable, though the effects are direct and catastrophic if you do not pay up.

The money is nearly always channelled through American lawyers and law firms, under the protection of "lawyer-client confidentiality". America's army of about 1 million lawyers includes a core of gangsters who are really the Praetorian Guard of the US empire. These lawyers guard the access to the inner sanctum of US control. Such lawyers mediate the connections between wealthy individuals and corporations and the power of the US government, power that is centred in the US federal courts and their judges-for-life.

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