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Federalism is in Danger under Harper
Date: Thursday, June 10 2004

Vive users spend an inordinate amount of time focussing on international economic matters and their impact on a sovereign Canada. I couldn't agree more that trade agreements like NAFTA are eroding Canadian sovereignty. But the Conservative Party's position on federalism is generating little interest or concern. With the prospect of a Conservative government looming, minority or majority, that lack of interest should change. Fast.

In my view, what Harper and his cronies want to do to Canadian federalism is far more dangerous than any economic treaty they wish to sign with the Yanks. Under Harper, the possibility exists that the federal goverment will be stripped down to its bare constitutional core, if PM harper decides to proceed with his decentalising agenda. The problem with that initiative, however, is that the federal government's consitutional core is no longer representative of modern Canada's needs or aspirations. A country as diverse and geographically large as Canada needs a strong central government to retain some semblance of national unity. With little to bind Canadians together in the form of a strong national government, the Canadian state would simply whither away by attrition as ever more powerful provinces would just cut off and go their own way.

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