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Kamook Back on the Witness Stand
Date: Monday, April 11 2005


During Arlo's trial, very little was said concerning Arlo. He was not present at most, if not all of the events described by the governments's witnesses. He did not play a big part in AIM.
In the trial of Arlo Looking Cloud, the only witness to the events of 1973 to 1976 was Kamook. Why not subpoena Russell Means. He was there. Why not subpoena Dennis Banks? He was there. Why not include the Belcourts. They were there. Why not subpoena some people living on Pine Ridge? Most of them were there and had to live through the whole thing, and still do today.

If you were to choose someone to sum up the events concerning AIM back in the 70's, would you choose Kamook to explain to the world what was really going on? Under sworn testimony? Yet this is exactly what the U.S. Government did in FBI vs Arlo Looking Cloud. So, Lucy and I have asked Kamook to take the witness stand again, because our readers have a few unanswered questions. U.S. Attorney McMahon is questioning Kamook:

Q. Was she [Anna Mae] ever confronted with these allegations that she
was an informant?
A. Yes.
Q. Who confronted her?
A. Leonard Peltier.

I really don't understand this. Informant of what? Certainly there are a lot of secrets, like Dennis and Anna Mae. Or did someone tell on you and Bob? Did you think that Leonard was leaking the secrets?

Q. What happened?
MR. RENSCH: Objection, personal knowledge, Your
THE COURT: Sustained as to foundation.

Did you have intimate personal knowledge of Dennis? Who was the informant? Who told you that Dennis was sleeping with Anna Mae?

Q. You were there?
A. Yes.
Q. Was it being openly discussed by everyone?
A. Yes.
Q. Was it common knowledge among all the people down there?
A. Yes.
Q. What did you hear that took place in the confrontation?
A. I heard that he [Leonard Peltier] had taken her away from the camp in a
car and had put a gun to her head, and that he wanted to know
if she was an informant.

Isn't it true that Leonard had taken you aside? Did he ask you if you were the informant? Do you know who is on trial here? Wasn't it common knowledge that Dennis had more than one woman? Who leaked the story that Anna Mae was sleeping with Dennis? Were you the informant? Were you sleeping with Bob? Didn't you just make up that story about Anna Mae to get attention? How much did the FBI pay you?

MR. McMAHON: It is not Mr. Peltier that is on trial.

What we are really interested in, is who told Kamook that Dennis was sleeping with Anna Mae? And did anyone know that you were fooling around with Bob?

Q. Kamook, I think we were talking about the exchange that
had taken place, the confrontation, and I believe the question
that was pending was what Anna Mae Aquash, what her response
was to the confrontation. You can go ahead and answer.
A. She told him [Leonard] that if he believed that, he should go
ahead and shoot her.

Why should Anna Mae be shot for sleeping with Dennis? Why are you the only one who knew this confrontation took place? Isn't it true that Leonard was questioning you and not Anna Mae? You were the informant, weren't you?

McMAHON: In June of 1975 did your relationship with Anna Mae
Aquash change at that time?
A. Yes.
Q. Why?
A. Because my, I was told that she had a relationship with
Q. Dennis Banks?
A. Yes.

Where and when and from whom did you hear that Dennis was fooling around with Anna Mae? Just who told you that? What was your relationship with Bob at this time?

Q. Where did you go after the conference in Farmington was
A. Back to Oglala.
Q. Oglala is on the Pine Ridge Reservation?
A. Yes.
Q. Were you and Mr. Banks living there?
A. Yes.

Did you see Arlo Looking Cloud at Farmington? He wasn't there, was he? Did you even know Arlo? What was decided by AIM leadership at Farmington? Wasn't it to return to Pine Ridge to help the Lakotas who were being terrorized by the GOONs and the FBI? Weren't people being killed, like over 60, and over 300 beaten up? Isn't it true that you knew AIM was coming back to South Dakota to protect the Lakotas from being killed, beaten up, their property destroyed or confiscated?

Q. And this would have still been in June?
A. Yes.
Q. I am going to call your attention to June 26, 1975, were
you on the Pine Ridge Reservation on that day?
A. Yes.
Q. Why do you specifically remember that day?
A. Because there was a shoot-out where we live.
Q. A shoot-out?
A. Yes.

Why were over 100 FBI, Bill Janklow and his goon squad, and Wilson's Tribal Police and GOONs, over 300 authorities all chasing after one poor Indian reported to have stolen a pair of cowboy boots? Didn't Bob and the FBI help plan that day, June 26th? What was your role in all of this? Or were you mad at Dennis? You wanted to get even, didn't you?

Q. What did you do that day?
A. That morning my, I had one daughter, she had asthma, so
that morning she was sick, and I got up early and I took her
in to Pine Ridge to the hospital.
Q. Was that a daughter that Mr. Banks was the father of?
A. Yes.
MR. RENSCH: I hate to interrupt, can I have a
continuing objection so I don't need to keep objecting as to
what happened on June 26, 1975 on the grounds previously
THE COURT: Which is 403.
MR. RENSCH: Relevance, and personal knowledge.
THE COURT: You have your objection with regard to
June 26, and overruled, but you do have one with regard to
those bases with regard to that date.
MR. RENSCH: Thank you, I won't interrupt any more.
Q. Go ahead, Ms. Nichols?
A. I was driving down the highway, and I saw cop cars
turning in to our property. And so I looked to the right and
I saw them lined up in the fields way over here, so I turned
in to see what was going on. And when I pulled up to where
our house was, the grass was maybe three or four feet high in
front of our house, and I saw a couple hands come out of the
weeds and just waving for me to go back. So I made a U-turn
and drove back out to the highway.
Q. Did you hear anything?
A. As I was driving away I could hear shooting.
Q. What had happened that day?
A. Two FBI agents got killed.

I must call for a conference here, Judge. I have a question here for Mr. McMahon. I am getting a little confused here. Is this the trial of Arlo Looking Cloud? If so, I would like to know where Arlo was on June 26th, 1975? So far, Arlo has not been present at any of this, has he? Is this really the trial of Arlo Looking Cloud?

You were really angry at Dennis, weren't you? And you really jealous of Anna Mae, weren't you? Who belonged to those hands coming from out of the weeds? Could it be Bob? Why did Bob want you to get out of there? You say 2 FBI agents got killed that day. Are they the only ones who got killed? Did you forget about Joe Stuntz? Wasn't he killed as well as the 2 agents? Or doesn't he count? Wasn't Joe with AIM? Why do you only remember the agents being killed? So you are saying that you saw someone close to the road, close to those 2 FBI agents, Coler and Williams, who had driven into the Jumping Bull compound as decoys, right? And that someone in the weeds was Bob, correct? So Bob had a clear shot at Joe and those 2 agents, correct? The FBI had to have a good reason to come on the the Reservation, correct? I mean, they couldn't just come in because of a pair of cowboy boots, correct? Did Arlo steal those boots? So the FBI had to set up a good reason for their presence on the Reservation, isn't that true? Who's idea was it to have those 2 agents killed, and then blame Leonard? No more questions at this time, but I reserve to call this witness back to the stand next week.

Lucy Bull Bear wanted to warn the people that assumptions and hearsay by authorities will get you in prison. People can go to jail based on a police report. Remember your constitutional right is not to answer any questions to the police or the FBI without an attorney present. Everything you say will be used against you in a court of law, and very possibly twisted by the police and the FBI to make you look guilty. So you have the right to remain silent until your attorney is present.

Janis Schmidt is an artist, writer and teacher, and can be reached at 605-867-2413. Lucy Bull Bear is a first cousin to Arlo, mother, and homemaker, and can be reached at 605-455-1138. Together, they are investigating the investigators.

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