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NDP leader speaks at Duke -Does he sound like a strong leader?
Date: Thursday, February 19 2004

Well, I found this speech via the NDP's website at Jack Layton was obviously in a less than great position to criticize, but if you read through the lines, you see a confusing mix of vaguely nationalist musings, mixed with continentalist doublespeak.

In other words, he ignores a lot of history, and talks almost as if he were referring to a kindergarten friendship between the U.S. and Canada.

The full speech is available via the following link. Read it and spot the numerous assumptions and false leaps Layton makes. I don't think he sounds like a great leader at all, although I still will probably end up voting NDP, which is a sad sign of the times.

Here's the beginning of the speech, followed by the link.

Leader's Speeches

Speech by NDP Leader Jack Layton at Duke University, Durham, North Carolina - 12 Feb 04
Speech by Jack Layton, Leader of Canada?s NDP
Duke University, Durham, North Carolina
February 12, 2004

First, please let me say it?s a great privilege to be at Duke. I know your Canadian studies program is the oldest and one of the most prestigious in the United States, and has made great contributions to the understanding of our two countries. I hope to add to that understanding today by offering my perspective on Canada?U.S. relations......


Layton speech

Layton speech

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