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1st-ever debate on North American integration
Date: Monday, March 12 2007

Comment: A so-called "Debate" on whether we should be allowed to
keep our sovereignty and national currency.

Does debate of this

treacherous proposition nullify the false nature of its
synthesis? Will we ever awaken to the "good cop/bad cop" carrots being
dangled before us?

Like well trained horses we put our weight into the straps on our backs,
reaching for the sweet carrots and in doing so we pull Canada ever
closer to the U.S./Mexico/Canada synthesis we most despise...

Remember, COMPROMISE is always the goal. Want to win? Expose the fallacy
that is their compromise, straight to the heart, not the entangling web
of the spiders deceit, there is no escape there.



1st-ever debate on North American integration

Architect of plan vs. No. 1 skeptic face off in Washington conference

Posted: February 8, 2007

1:00 a.m. Eastern


American University Professor Robert


Robert Pastor
, the architect of the "North American Community" that
would integrate the U.S., Mexico and Canada, will publicly debate his
proposals with author and
columnist Jerome Corsi

NEWS EXPO 2007 in Washington, May 11.

It will be the first debate of its kind between a major proponent of
North American integration and an outspoken critic.

Pastor wrote "Toward
a North American Community
," a book promoting the development of a
North American union as a regional government and the adoption of the
amero as a common monetary currency to replace the dollar and the peso.

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