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Polls indicate Canadian PM’s star is waning alongside U.S. Republicans
Date: Thursday, November 02 2006

Polls indicate Canadian PM’s star is waning alongside U.S. Republicans
By Associated Press
Wednesday, November 1, 2006 - Updated: 07:00 AM EST

TORONTO - Canadian Conservatives who hitched their wagons to the White House are finding their popularity fading with those of their allies in Washington.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his Conservatives ousted the Liberal Party in January after nearly 13 years in office, pledging to thaw Ottawa’s frozen relations with Washington and ease the country to the right on social and economic issues.

Canadians were eager to try someone new and improve ties with the U.S., though President Bush is widely disliked in this country. Now, with his poll numbers sagging, Harper’s honeymoon appears to be over.

One poll released on Oct. 18 found that both the Liberals and Conservatives would each receive 32 percent of the vote if elections were held today, reaffirming similar results in another independent poll two weeks earlier.

The drop in Harper’s popularity appears mainly due to a foreign policy that appears too aligned with Washington and the deaths of 34 Canadian soldiers this year in Afghanistan as part of the U.S.-led war on terrorism.

Some observers believe that once the Liberal Party chooses its new national leader in early December, Harper’s government could be ripe for toppling.


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