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Is Canada angry enough to swallow the Bush agenda?
Date: Monday, June 28 2004

[Those people who want change just for its own sake are playing right into Harper's hands! It's kind of sad to see that people are so easily manipulated by the Conservatives & their excuses of Liberal "fear-mongering". I don't understand why people don't care about Tony Clement's, Brian Mulroney's & Mike Harris' involvement in the party, even in Ontario!! This is very depressing. Hopefully a Conservative government is what we need to wake people up. - NSay]

Is Canada angry enough to swallow the Bush agenda?

James McNulty
The Province

June 27, 2004


Barring an 11th-hour shift in dead-heat polls, Canadians appear set to not only remove the Liberals' three-term majority in the Commons, but possibly hand the keys to an infant party that has yet to hold a policy convention.


His economic platform is the least prudent of the big three, outdreaming even the NDP by $30 billion on surplus projections and calling for big Gordon Campbell-style tax cuts that many fear will lead to deep, Campbell-style service cuts.

In B.C., MP Ted White wants to axe film-industry assistance while MP Randy White wants to rewrite the Charter of Rights -- which Harper would torpedo with the notwithstanding clause.

Harper doesn't seem to care who delivers health care. The CRTC and CBC would be gutted and bilingualism eroded. Harper wants to curb the Supreme Court. He denies the science around global warming.

His team would gut the hate-crime bill for the Bible. They want symbiosis with the U.S., more police, more prisoners, no gun registry -- and Harper would have taken us to war in Iraq.

Is Canada really cranky enough to embrace the Republican agenda of George W. Bush? YIKES!

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