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Venezuela Snubs U.S., FTAA
Date: Thursday, December 04 2003

Well, it seems the U.S. has not been able to get the Venezuelan government to accept the disasterous FTAA that was supposedly agreed to in Miami a couple of weeks ago.

Read more on this very important subject at
Chavez Versus the Free Trade Zombies of the Americas [article by Greg Palast].

The article even goes so far as to say that JFK tried to implement a policy of helping poor Latin American countries, but the plan was shut out by the Freidmanites from Chicago. This is the same group that has caused the two largest recessions in recent memory.

This is more ammunition against the likes of NAFTA and all the new agreements, the FTAA and GATS that are coming soon to a country near you.

This gets better by the day. The media won't be able to keep this kind of news under wraps for long, so this looks like a good thing.

The word is slowly getting out.

This article is going to my good friends, the Federal MP's and MPP's of Ontario.

Yes !!

Chavez Versus the Free ...

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