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Passport Issue a Big Smokescreen
Date: Tuesday, March 13 2007

The great passport debate continues to be featured in articles and editorials in newspapers across the country.

On the one hand, we are being programmed by the White House propaganda machine to accept passports as a necessary step in Canada/US border security. U. S. Ambassador and White House cheerleader David Wilkins doesn’t try to explain the policies he is told to announce.

We are simply told to get ready for 2008 by getting a passport. Never mind mentioning that thousands of Mexicans are streaming across the southern border each week, mostly illegally. I guess they don't travel with passports.

On the other hand, the premiers from Ontario, Manitoba and New Brunswick will be making a presentation in Washington to promote the use of driving licences with enhanced security capability instead of passports.

The Americans themselves are waffling on the passport issue. Homeland Security Secretary Chertoff has indicated that he is open to options such as driving licences instead of the passport requirement. They are conducting a pilot project in the state of Washington using licenses.

To understand fully what is happening at this juncture, we need to look at the big picture that our governments have in store for us.


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