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Rebranded: "War On Terror" Now "The Long War"
Date: Monday, February 13 2006
Topic: Canadian Politics

Well, many of us will remember this war for what it was and no renaming it will change that. We still remember the Reform/Alliance/now Cons for who they are...4Canada

Published on Sunday, February 12, 2006 by the Toronto Star
Remember the `War on Terror'? The Bush administration has subtly redubbed it `The Long War'

Some analysts see the name change as part of a battle to widen presidential powers

by Tim Harper

WASHINGTON Deep in the bowels of the Pentagon, some of the country's finest military minds met recently, synthesizing ideas, debating proposals and trading strategies.

Their goal a rebranding for the history books.

The War on Terror brand had gone sour ... (So) you find a new bumper sticker.

Christopher Simpson
American University political communication expert
When they emerged, they had completed their semantic sleight-of-hand.

They had simply changed wars, consigning the "War on Terror" to the recycling bin and launching "The Long War."


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