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CAP Press Release - Quebec as a Nation? Canada as a Nation?
Date: Thursday, November 23 2006

-Immediate Release-Canadian Action Party
Quebec as a Nation? Canada as a Nation?
November 23,2006
A funny thing happened today in Ottawa. No it wasn’t a dog and pony show and it certainly wasn’t worth the price of admission, but all the same it was funny. The old not sure whether to laugh or cry comes to mind. Mr. Duceppe and Mr. Harper decided to play politics with the destruction of Canada as the prize. One tried to upstage the other in this little skit. Who were they playing for; the other MPs, the media, the people of Quebec and Canada? If it was for the benefit of the people, we must wonder if they really think we are that stupid. One feigns support for a united Canada, while the other fights for an independent Quebec, while both are agreeing to the destruction of Canada. Posturing is excellent! All the other MPs are rallying in support! The visuals are fantastic and the heat is up high! Election is surely right around the corner and rather than talk about what’s really going to kill this nation, they perform a well-choreographed skit.

Duceppe has declared he likes the idea of adopting the U.S. dollar. He and Jack Layton had a similar skit back in August. (see article Any nation knows if they don’t control their money, they are not sovereign. Just look at what has happened to Canada, when Mulroney turned over money creation to the private banks; see how the people became enslaved to corporate money profiteers! We owe them approximately $435 billion and the majority of it is interest. Once we (including Quebec) are fully absorbed under the North American corporate rule, we will be able to share in the U.S. debt as well. We can help pay for their wars, sacrifice our social programs and solidify our perpetual enslavement.
Harper and Martin before him, have committed to the North American absorption of the entire nation through the Security and Prosperity agreement and other trade deals. So really who’s playing who? In the end they are both on the same page, destruction of Canada as a sovereign nation is the goal and we all know it. Secret meetings in Banff are not so secret anymore, perhaps these fellows ought to read the news. The rich Quebec culture, language and traditions will be sacrificed along with every other region in Canada. Interestingly our recent PMs have been able to speak both official languages but none seem to speak the language of the people of Canada, in any province!
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