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Government and NDP Acting Responsibly Says Leading Industrialist
Date: Friday, April 29 2005
Topic: Canadian Politics

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BOLTON, ON, April 27 /CNW Telbec/ - Robert Schad, President & CEO of Husky Injection Molding Systems Ltd. issued the following letter to the editors of Canada's national daily newspapers today commenting on the agreement in principle between the Liberals and the NDP in Ottawa. "I am very concerned about the comments being made from organizations such as the Canadian Chamber of Commerce and the Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters Associations regarding the agreement reached last night by Prime Minister Martin and Mr. Layton. According to these organizations the Liberal- NDP agreement to allow our nation to get on with its business will somehow harm our economy. To be anything but proud of the new Liberal-NDP cooperation which allows Parliament to function, is short-sighted, self-serving thinking.

I commend the Prime Minister for continuing to demonstrate fiscal prudence while at the same time embracing sound social policy. The social policy acceleration announced by the Prime Minister and Mr. Layton yesterday should be viewed as an investment in our future, our children's future and the future of our country. It is time to stop playing politics and to start governing. The Prime Minister and Mr. Layton clearly recognize this. It is a shame that others do not.

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