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Barbarians at the Gates
Date: Saturday, June 26 2004

I'm not a woman, but I am a believer in the good government can do to create social justice. As this article explains, the rights women have achieved in the past few decades would be under attack under a (socially) conservative government.

I realise the national sovereignty focus of vive seems to negate all other matters, but as a lawyer-in-training myself, I am utterly appalled at the social agenda of the conservative party. I'm voting Liberal in hopes of preventing the barbarians from crashing through.

Our open, equal and liberal society will almost certainly perish under conservative rule. With our core values depleted, i'm not so sure what it is we would be fighting against in a 'NAFTA Plus' like agreement.

One thing at a time: fight to keep intact who we are THEN fight to keep to ourselves what is ours.

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