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Date: Friday, June 25 2004

Last year in the national post Harper mused about giving the Canadian ambassador to the US Ambassador a position in the cabinet of the government of Canada, ostensibly because the US is our most important trading partner.

Demand better. I am. I'm hoping as hell the star spangled tories don't win on monday. If that means holding my nose and voting Liberal, so be it.

Actually, I don't remember it either. And I can't find a reference to it. Instead, I'm hijacking this article with a link about something similar and just as worrisome. If someone can find an actual link supporting the above statements, I will edit it in. --JvH

Mr. Harper also reiterated a number of pledges made in a leaked copy of the party's policy. For example, a Conservative government would elevate the Canadian ambassador to the United States to a cabinet position, give natives the right to buy property on reserves, and pass a law requiring fixed election dates.

Harper agrees to consult first ministers (read down to the senate reform parts)

Harper agrees to consul...

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