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Alleged Russian Spy Believed To Be "Elite" Officer
Date: Wednesday, November 22 2006

It's getting harder and harder to not post all of these kinds of articles under humour. Russian spies are not scary, what is scary though is having Monty Solberg and Stockwell Day in charge of signing security certificates!! Jesus, Mary, Joseph 4Canada


Globe and Mail Update

Toronto and Montreal The Canadian government is formally alleging that it has caught a 10-year Russian spy who used three different Canadian passports to operate in Canada and abroad.

"The Canadian Security Intelligence Service (the Service) has reasonable grounds to believe the foreign national alleging to be Paul William Hampel is a member of the Sluzhba Vneshney Razvedki (SVR)," according to a summary of the evidence released Tuesday afternoon.

"An SVR illegal is an elite Russian intelligence officer. Illegals are secretly deployed abroad, operate covertly under assumed names and life stories, and masquerade as citizens of target countries."

"To Russian audiences, the SVR makes no secret of its continued high-level espionage and frequently boasts of its theft of Western financial and industrial secrets to aid the failing Russian economy," the summary says.

Last week the Crown said only that it had arrested "a person alleging to be Paul William Hampel" on espionage allegations. But it now appears he was a high-level spy operating in Canada for many years.

"Hampel's establishment of a legend based on Canadian documentation has provided him with the ability to covertly further the interests of the SVR for over a decade both within Canada and abroad," the summary of the evidence says. "The Service determined that Hampel used his fraudulent Ontario birth certificate to obtain three Canadian passports in 1995, 2000, and 2002."

It also points out he was carrying $7,800 cash in five different currencies, plus three cellphones, when he was arrested one week ago.

The alleged spy is being held under a Canadian security certificate, a federal-government procedure that allows for the arrest of an immigrant whom two cabinet ministers deem to be a threat to national security. The process allows for the prisoner to be jailed until he or she is deported. Elements of the case may be forever shielded from the public, even the defendant.

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