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Election reforms are an obstruction to voters
Date: Wednesday, June 30 2004

[This is an excellent article. Some of you may know Marjaleena who is a former Progressive Conservative or should I say a Progressive Conservative. She works with David Orchard.--Kevin

by Marjaleena Repo

Lately, extraordinary media attention is being paid to "voter apathy," and no wonder, as in a remarkably short time the turnout of eligible voters has dropped from 75 per cent in 1988 to 61.2 per cent in 2000, heading towards the U.S. rates of about 40 per cent.

Lack of civics lessons in our schools is blamed; or a weakened sense of citizenship in the country (and perhaps in the western world); or just people's busy lives. Mostly the blame goes to "politics", which is experienced as meaningless and alienating, and on politicians, who make and break their promises as they see fit.

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