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Friends Of Canadian Broadcasting
Date: Monday, February 02 2004

About "Friends of Canadian Broadcastin":

Who we are

Formed in 1985, FRIENDS of Canadian Broadcasting is a Canada-wide voluntary organization supported by 60,000 households whose mission is to defend and enhance the quality and quantity of Canadian programming in the Canadian audio-visual system.

FRIENDS relies upon individuals for donations to finance its watchdog role, public policy initiatives, public opinion leadership and research activities directed at our priorities. The largest single gift to FRIENDS in 2002 was $1,200 from an individual donor. We do not accept contributions from organizations which hold a licence from the Canadian Radio-Television Telecommunications Commission (CRTC), Ottawa’s broadcast regulatory agency, or from organizations affiliated with licensees.

FRIENDS of Canadian Broadcasting is a not-for profit organization directed by a Steering Committee. Noreen Golfman, Associate Dean of Graduate Studies at Memorial University, chairs our Steering Committee and Ian Morrison is our spokesperson and manager of ongoing operations.

What we do

FRIENDS serves as a watchdog on behalf of listeners and viewers, and intervenes to defend and enhance Canadian programming in the audio-visual system.

In carrying out our task, we regularly research and prepare submissions related to the broadcasting system and appear before parliamentary committees and CRTC hearings on behalf of our supporters to present the case for more and better Canadian content:

In June 2003 a Parliamentary Committee completed a two year study, publishing “Our Cultural Sovereignty” - a report endorsed by all political parties with specific qualifications from the Canadian Alliance and the Bloc Québécois and largely reflecting FCB views on local/regional broadcasting, enhancing the CBC, and our concerns with media concentration and foreign ownership.
In February 2002, FRIENDS released “Follow the Money: Part II - Federal Political Contributions by Canada’s Broadcasting Industry, 1993-2000" This report raises serious questions about the propriety of cash contributions from private broadcasters flowing to governing political parties.
From time to time, we involve our supporters in non-partisan campaigns to fight for a strong CBC and the presence of Canadian content on radio and television. We monitor changes to government policy and the performance of public and private broadcasters, cable monopolies, specialty channels and radio stations.

Canadians enjoy access to quality programming from around the world. FRIENDS' goal is to ensure the audio-visual system provides sufficient and reasonable access for programs by and about Canadians.

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