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Thinking the Unthinkable: Is it time for a third-party President?
Date: Monday, June 14 2004

Some American voters are getting desperate for an alternative to their two party same policies system as well. It is the year of the monkey remember! And we voters are the monkies.


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The election results are still coming in from England as I type this, but Tony Blair's pro-war labor party took a kick in the teeth the likes of which has not been seen in a long time. The Liberal Democrats, a party that opposed the war, made huge gains. It is still unknown whether the Conservative party will take the majority in Parliament, but as of this writing the contest is a dead heat.

This follows on the defeat of Spanish President Jose Maria Aznar, another pro-war leader voted out of office in March despite a last-ditch staged bombing to try to build support for him and the war.

The writing is on the wall. Pro-war leaders are discovering that their war is very unpopular with the people, and far too late, that whoever said opposition to the war was a minority fringe that could be safely ignored was being optimistic to say the least!

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