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I Want to Talk Proportional Representaiton
Date: Thursday, June 10 2004

There's a small blurb about this idea somewhere on this site (from last year sometime), but I think it's a worthwhile conversation to have now. Especially with Layton's pledge that the federal NDP will only join in a coalition if there's a commitment to a referendum on the subject.

I could blabber on for pages, but in the spirit of actually submitting a story here are two to consider.

is a lengthy PDF arguing for PR in Canada. It goes farther in proposing a system called the "20% Solution" (how tacky).

blurb argues (eventually) against PR in Canada.

There's also Fairvote Canada:

I also have a rant in "Say YES to proportional representation in Canada!!", if anyone really wants to know what I think.

I'm intersted in what others have to say about this topic.

[Editors note - I believe this is the story to which out 'enlightened' friend (Helium joke - sorry :-) is referring. Dr Caleb]

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