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Deep Integration: Who'll Stop That Train?
Date: Sunday, July 02 2006

Just before Canada Day I posted on my web site a study of the progress of Deep Integration from 2001 to the present: "Deep Integration: Who'll Stop That Train?"

It was the first time I had tried to navigate my way through the major documents put out by the business elite explaining their plans for our country. It was really quite alarming. Consider that:

1. The position pater "Security and Prosperity Initiative" was put out in Jan. 2003. It took them only till March 2005 - 26 months - before their blueprint had been adopted as govt policy by all three countries of North America.

2. All of this happened with zero consultation with the people of any of the countries involved.

3. Parallel to all these events, the Task Force set up by the Council on Foreign Relations came out with further recommendations for the total integration of North America. The tactic has always been to demand more - whatever the govt agrees to , immediately say it isn't enough. Keep the pressure on. The projected date for full integration is 2010. Given the ruthless speed with which they've carried out their plans up to this point, that date of 2010 is very alarming.

4. The North American Competitiveness Council appointed in June is mandated to meet with ministers twice a year and with senior officials continuously. They are to direct govt policy - hands-on. It appears that the coup has already taken place.

Does our govt still have any options? Do we, the people, still have any options?

My home page is - a monthly newsletter on Canadian foreign policy. I wish I believed that we still HAVE a foreign policy, or any choice in the matter.

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