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Justice, Compensation and Apology for Horrific Discrimination of Chinese in Cana
Date: Wednesday, January 04 2006

Press Release - January 4,2006
Canadian Action Party Calls For Justice, Compensation and Apology for
Horrific Discrimination of Chinese in Canada!

Canadian Action Party Leader, Connie Fogal expresses her outrage at the inaction of the government of Canada, she states, "Canada has committed a series of discriminatory acts towards the early Chinese from the imposition of Head tax (1885-1923) to the Exclusion Act
(1923-1947) which essentially banned any Chinese from entering Canada."

Connie Fogal shares the deep embarassment of all Canadians due to the government's actions as described in this report,'Through the Chinese Canadian National Council, head tax payers and their descendants have been requesting a formal apology and redress of past injustice by Canada since 1984. However the late Liberal government,rather than treating the redress properly, mistreated the Chinese community again by rushing the signing of an Agreement-in-principle on November 24.

What was wrong is they bypassed CCNC who have been an advocate for 4000
Head tax payers and descendants. Instead the Liberal government signed
the AIP with National Congress of Chinese Canadians, a social cultural
group which has no track record in fighting for human rights. Apparently
they were chosen because they and not CCNC were the group who would
accept the Government's preconditions of "No apology, no compensation".'

CAP Leader and candidate for Vancouver Kingsway Riding, Connie Fogal,is well versed in legal proceedings. She expressed her serious concerns over the handling of this issue. Responding to the information she has recieved she stated, "In a case involving an accuser and a defendant, it is ridiculous for the defendant in this case the Liberal government, to dictate both the party to represent the accuser and the pre-conditions. Such has happened before at the end of China's Ching Dynasty where unjust treaties and settlements were forced upon China by foreign countries. Why would Canada force such an unjust agreement on the Chinese in the 21st Century?"

Ms Fogal expressed the sentiments of the Chinese community as it has been stated to her, "It is a case of Canada's Multiculturalism policy gone from bad to worse. It is a case where funding from Canada is used to keep the immigrants'few major organizations in line and sign anything that Canada wants without discussing the matter with the HT payers or their members. It is an attempt at false reconciliation and an attempt to downplay the misery caused by state-sponsored discrimination so appalling to Canadians. It is a case where the HT payers and their families are insulted a century after the first injustice." Canadian Action Party stands with the people demanding justice. We support this statement as they declare, 'We thus demand that the Agreement-in-principle be nullified, and the head tax payers and Chinese community be consulted properly through a mediator like the Canadian race Relations Foundation.'

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