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Alberta sees $7.4B budget surplus
Date: Tuesday, February 28 2006
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Alberta sees $7.4B budget surplus
Last Updated Mon, 27 Feb 2006 13:40:43 EST
CBC News

The Alberta government said Monday the province is projected to post a $7.4-billion budget surplus for its current fiscal year, propelled by high energy royalties.

In its third-quarter outlook, the province said the surplus forecast is now $5.9 billion above original projections and about $1.5 billion higher than its second-quarter forecast.

Much of the anticipated surplus has already been earmarked for projects. Nearly half of this year's surplus $3.6 billion will go to pay for capital projects in future years.

[makes me sad :( Ontario subsidized Alberta for decades without any thanks from Alberta, & now Alberta wants to hoard away all their cash. Too bad we don't have a NEP anymore :( -- NSay]

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