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Conservative view on Missle Defence, Terrorism, UN/Peacekeeping, Iraq's Reconst
Date: Tuesday, June 08 2004

Here's a form letter sent out by Ceasefire Canada that I signed and forwarded to my local Alliance MP and then the response I received from my MP.________________________

Canada?s role in the world is an important election issue for me. I am concerned that Canada risks being drawn into the United States? dangerous and provocative foreign policy.

My vote will be determined by which party or candidate will seek out a positive and independent role for Canada in the world. Therefore, I would appreciate receiving your responses to these important questions:

QUESTION: According to a recent Ipsos-Reid poll, 69% of Canadians are opposed to missile defence. If elected, will you work to ensure that Canada does not participate in the Bush administration's missile defence system? Do you agree with Canadians that the system is too costly and destabilizing whether or not it involves the weaponization of space?

QUESTION: Do you share the view that global terrorism is fuelled primarily by poverty and injustice and that addressing these root causes of terrorism is the best approach to safeguarding Canada and the world against future acts of terror?

QUESTION: What vision do you have of Canada's role in the world, and within the United Nations? Would you support Canada's re-emergence as a global peacemaker with a renewed commitment to peacekeeping and a substantial increase in foreign aid? Would you work for the democratization of the United Nations and other international institutions?

QUESTION: Do you support the view that Canadian involvement in the reconstruction of Iraq should be contingent upon the return of full sovereignty to the Iraqi people, and an invitation to participate from a new Iraqi government, recognized by the Iraqi people?

I look forward to your reply.
Kathaleen Neufeld

In response to the form letter I received from both of you I offer my
thoughts on the subjects you raised. Thank you for being interested in the
democratic process and taking the time to research candidate's views.

The United States will build a missile defense shield to protect their
country. This is a given. They will not exclude Alaska from this protection,
so the question Canadians need to ask themselves is this; do we want to be
at the decision-making table with the Americans so we can influence their
choices or do we want to stand outside with our noses pressed against the
window awaiting their response? I want us to be at the table giving the
Canadian viewpoint. As a sovereign country it is "too costly and
destabilizing" for us not to be there.

Global terrorism is fuelled by wealthy religious zealots in middle eastern
countries who could care less about their own people's human rights. They
chose to spend millions on weapons and warfare rather than on their people's
needs. "Kill the infidels" is a unified cry from global terrorists and they
are willing to strap explosives to their own children and use them as human
bombs to kill "the enemy."

Yes, I think Canada has a role to play in trying to overcome world poverty
but the funding should not be distributed government to government, where it
can be channeled into personal pockets, it needs to be disbursed through
non-political measures such as NGOs.

Recent reports on the "Oil for Food" program developed by the U.N. revealed
that Kofi Annan's son, France, Russia and others have been exposed for
skimming hundreds of millions from the program. The U.N. needs to undergo
dramatic change if it is to function in an effective and positive manner
internationally. Yes, I support Canada's re-emergence as a global
peacemaker/peacekeeper but it will take serious funding and manpower to undo
the damage to our forces after 10 years of slash and trash by Paul Martin
and the federal Liberals.

Iraq currently has an interim government and is scheduled to hold its first
democratic elections. Women and children are being given the opportunity for
an education; women can finally receive medical treatment, which was denied
them before because of gender taboo. Canada's refusal to act on or condemn
the human rights violations and genocide that took place under Sadamm
Hussein (he killed 100 people per day, seven days a week for 10 years) or to
force compliance with 17 ignored U.N. resolutions, negates our right to
participate in any restructuring with or without an invitation.

Betty Hinton, MP

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