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War and Drugs for our Government's Profit
Date: Friday, March 16 2007

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War and Drugs for our Government's Profit
By Walter Burien -

I just finished watching a very good video with Gary Null and Michael Moore about the drugging by government of our children in schools. I am sending this article out nationally being that a clear showing of the core issue was missing.

They lightly mentioned that the Pharmaceutical Companies profit, and that the School gets more money but that is just the tip.

The core is made up of two primary points:

1. The School district say in State X gets $3000 per child per year. If they can classify the child as ADHA or ADD, that puts the child in the special needs program and what they now get for that same child over doubles to $6400 to $8,000 per year. Ten years ago many School Districts pushed to classify a Child to be classified with ADHA for any reason. Some school Districts increase their budgets by 1/3rd by doing so.

2. The Government investment funds own the Pharmaceutical Companies through stock ownership (65%-85%). Allowing for the pushing of drugs gives government big profits on their investment funds. Profits, "created" by shifting money (paying for the drugs) from Budgetary funds (Public Tax Funds) whereby the investment holdings of government run straight through the roof.

Take a look at the holdings of one Retirement Fund CAFR (Government's Annual Financial Report), I have the NY State Retirement report's holdings listed for downloading on my web site:

You will realize upon review of the investment holdings that the top profit makers (100% to 400% return) are:

The Pharmaceutical, War, Oil, Banking, and Finance Companies.

The report (one CAFR out of thousands) listed above is for 2001. Download the 2006 listing and look at the "reap the whirlwind" profits made over five years by government from 911, War, and the Price of Oil

Here is the core issue: The direct conflict of interest of "profit" over the "public good". The money from Government investments (derived from the back room politics) keeps rolling in for government "Trillions a year" as our pockets are intentionally drained from high oil prices, our children (and senior citizens) being drugged at tax payer expense, and as the people of the world are being killed off by War and over drugging consequences.

If someone sat down and calculated how many people are killed, which in the end result accentuate our own Government's profits on their investments each year, the number would be staggering.

How long will they get away with it? As long as they canů

Yours truly,

Walter J. Burien, Jr.
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