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Liberal campaign workers join Emerson protest; demand action from P.M.
Date: Monday, February 20 2006
Topic: Canadian Politics

February 19, 2006
Liberal campaign workers join Emerson protest; demand action from PM

Anya Fraser demonstrates outside of MP David Emerson's constituency office in Vancouver, B.C. on Sunday. (CP/Vancouver Sun- Ian Smith)

VANCOUVER (CP) - Dozens of constituents were joined by Liberal party faithful who worked on embattled MP David Emerson's re-election campaign Sunday in yet another protest calling for his resignation.

But senior campaign adviser Kevin Chalmers said the spotlight has now moved beyond Emerson and his stunning defection to the Conservatives and is fixed squarely on Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

"Our focus is the prime minister," Chalmers said. "This is an opportunity for him to step up on behalf of democracy and correct that mistake."

Emerson crossed the floor to join Harper's cabinet only two weeks after the he was elected as a Liberal in the Vancouver-Kingsway riding.

The move has infuriated many of the riding's constituents who claim they have been disenfranchised by Emerson's defection.

Chalmers said he plans to call the prime minister's office on Monday to invite him to Vancouver-Kingsway to discuss the issue with constituents.

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