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Iran/Venezuela Declares Economic War On US
Date: Saturday, February 18 2006
Topic: Military, Security, and Defence

It might be in Canada's interest to be up on this

Iran/Venezuela Declares
Economic War On US

By Ed Haas
Muckraker Report

During a recent visit to Caracas, Venezuela, Iranian parliamentary speaker Gholam Ali Hadad Adel said U.S. opposition to Iran's nuclear program was "only a pretext." "They are worried that we want to be independent," Hadad Adel said through an interpreter.[1] Adel was kind to use the word "pretext". A more direct statement by Adel would have been to say that U.S. opposition to Iran's nuclear program is more of the same hardliner propaganda coming out of the Bush Administration, meant to drum up public support for additional Bush Administration sponsored, pre-emptive strikes against nations that dare to abandon the U.S. dollar in favor of the euro or any other foreign currency.

Why else would Adel say that the U.S. opposition to Iran's nuclear program was "only a pretext" if he didn't possess full knowledge of what he believed to be the real reason why the Bush Administration and its supporters in the U.S. Congress have suddenly gotten themselves all hot and bothered over a nuclear program that has been in play for decades and is by many accounts, at least ten more years away from being able to produce even a single nuclear weapon? What did Adel mean when he said that "they are worried that we want to be independent" when Iran is already an independent country? No foreign army is presently occupying Iran. It holds elections. In 2000, the U.S. applauded when the Iranian people elected reformists to the Iranian Parliament. In 2004, the Bush Administration, the spread democracy by spraying bullets administration, frowned when those same Iranian voters elected the resurgent conservatives into power once again. The point here is that Iran is already independent by all accounts, so what did Adel mean when he said that the Bush Administration and its NEO-CON supporters are worried that Iran wants to be independent?

When mining alternative media sources (the mainstream media in the United States is not and will not report this information) to catch a glimpse of what Iran is attempting to become independent of, the only plausible explanation to be uncovered suggests that Iran wants to become independent of the U.S. dollar. It is of great importance to understand that only those countries that are adversarial to the U.S. dollar have earned the scorn of Bush's Global, Big Brother Machine.

Iraq stopped using U.S. dollars in 2000 under the U.N. monitored Oil for Food Program. Two months after the U.S. invaded Iraq, all purchases of Iraqi oil were returned to petrodollars once again. Venezuela President Hugo Chavez, who is considered a dangerous adversary by the Bush Administration, has declared war on the U.S. dollar. In October 2005, Chavez announced that Venezuela was ready to move the county's foreign-exchange holdings out of the dollar and into the euro.[2]

Now Iran and Venezuela have joined together to gain independence from the U.S. Dollar. Chavez supports the opening of the Iran Oil Bourse on March 20, 2006. The Iran Oil Bourse will challenge U.S. dollar supremacy in global oil market transactions executed on the New York Mercantile Exchange and London's International Petroleum Exchange by creating the opportunity for countries to shift foreign-exchange holdings out of dollars and into euros or other currencies.

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