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Harper denies claims in N.L. attack ads
Date: Saturday, March 31 2007

Prime Minister Stephen Harper denounced attack ads launched by the premier of Newfoundland and Labrador on Wednesday, claiming he broke no promises with the equalization package included in last week's federal budget.
[Newfoundland and Labrador] is getting 100 per cent of what it was promised," Harper said in the House of Commons.

"We didn't break our promise."

Premier Danny Williams took out advertisements in newspapers across the country on Wednesday, stating that Harper failed to live up to the promises he made leading up to the January 2006 federal election. Harper had vowed not to incorporate non-renewable resources, including royalties from offshore oil, in a revised equalization formula.

"If you make a promise and you don't keep it, then it's up to the people of the country to judge," Williams told CBC News after the ads hit newspaper stands.

"It's quite clear that the promise wasn't kept."

Not that I understand all the nuances involved here, but my experience with Mr. Harper is that he does not give with the one hand, unless he can receive with the other.

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