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Liberals anti-Tory Shock Ads
Date: Friday, June 11 2004

This ought to save the NDP some funds on advertizing...

Thursday, Jun 10, 2004

Liberals hope anti-Tory shock ads will jolt listless campaign

OTTAWA (CP) - The federal Liberals are counting on a series of anti- Conservative shock ads to help revive their sagging election campaign. The first new TV ad, aired Wednesday night, offers some stark images:

- A handgun aimed at viewers, its barrel practically pressed against the camera lens.

- Soldiers running across a desert, surrounded by tanks and toting machine- guns.

- Crying pregnant girls, slumped against a hospital wall.

- Smokestacks spewing noxious fumes into the air.

The images are part of an aggressive campaign aimed at jolting moderate voters away from the Tories by painting a bleak picture of Canada under Stephen Harper.

A female narrator's voice sombrely reads off a list of Liberal accusations: Harper would have sent troops to Iraq; he would reopen the abortion debate, weaken gun control and scrap the Kyoto accord on greenhouse gas emissions.

To hammer the point home, the ad closes with a red Maple Leaf flag dissolving against a Tory-blue sky.

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