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pictures: Mexico's anti-Bush protests
Date: Friday, March 16 2007

Anti-Bush protests in Mexico City

A protester prepares to throw a Molotov cocktail during an anti-Bush rally in Mexico City
Many people were protesting against the war in Iraq
Hundreds of demonstrators have rioted outside the US embassy in Mexico City, in the latest protest against President George W Bush's tour of Latin America.

Protesters burned US flags and threw stones at police guarding the building.

Tear gas was used to disperse the crowds. Several people were injured, including a number of police officers.

The violence came hours after Mr Bush pledged to reform controversial immigration laws, during two-day talks with Mexican President Felipe Calderon.

Mr Bush made the announcement on Tuesday at the start of talks with Mr Calderon. The two leaders are also expected to tackle the issue of drug trafficking.

There have been protests at each stage of Mr Bush's trip, and verbal attacks on him by Venezuela's Hugo Chavez, who is on his own tour of the region.

The US president has visited Brazil, Uruguay, Colombia and Guatemala. Mexico is the final stop on his seven-day tour of the region.

In pictures: Mexico's anti-Bush protests

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