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Private Spies Stalk The Internet...
Date: Friday, November 24 2006

Private Spies Stalk The Internet
Trying to entrap non-existent "Al-Qaeda cells" into incriminating themselves

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet
Thursday, November 23, 2006

An organization of highly trained, committed and ruthless individuals with links to global intelligence agencies are using the Internet to try to foment terrorism in order to advance their unified political agenda. No it's not Al-Qaeda, it's Vigil, the elite private spies who are stalking the web and telling the government about any e-speech they deem suspicious.

The Scotsman reports,

The organisation is not the US Central Intelligence Agency or Britain's MI6 but Vigil, a shadowy network of retired spies, senior military personnel, anti-terrorism specialists and banking experts.

"Sixty per cent of Vigil's work involves gaining information via the internet, by infiltrating chatrooms."

"The information gleaned is passed on to authorities such as the FBI, and British Counter Terrorism Command (CTC)."

As has been exhaustively documented on this website, 90% of alleged major terror busts target either completely innocent people caught in a dragnet or are outright examples of entrapment, incitement and guilt by association.

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